Cubase hangs at initialisation stage

It won’t start properly any more. I have not made any changes to the computer or the app but today it just won’t start. It spins through some of the initialisation messages but then hangs at the Initialise Mackie stage. Any thoughts?

Are you opening a project or Cubase alone?

Tried starting at safe mode (all vst disabled)?

Trashing preferences?

Hi Almaelectronix. In order:
Opening Cubase alone.
Tried Safe Mode.
What does ‘trashing preferences’ mean please?

Launch Cubase, and hold down Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt.
In the Preferences section of the Safe Start Mode dialog, activate "Disable the current preferences, and open the program with the factory default settings instead.

That worked! Thanks. Tempus edax rerum indeed.

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