Cubase hangs being left over night.

I have this strange behaviour - if I leave my Cubase project over night I find it hanging in the morning with spinning color cursor-wheel.
The only option is force quit.
Cubase 10.5.20. Mac Pro 2019 with all hibernation and sleeping options disabled (photo attached)

I seen that too now and then.

But not always so I think it is related to some plugins.

Do you have any connected MIDI devices that are set to automatically power down after a few hours? I had this weird issue where my microkorg xl+ was shutting down after 4 hours of inactivity, and every single time it shut itself off while connected to Cubase, Cubase would freeze. My other MIDI devices (MK3, advance49) don’t cause Cubase to freeze when auto power-off, so I assume that some desktop MIDI device drivers don’t gracefully disconnect.

Here something like this happens when a superior drummer 2 plugin is inserted in a project. It has a slight memory leak and after several hours cubase takes so much memory that it crashes. I am on Windows though

I have this issue on a 6 Core Dell 3551 Notebook 32 GB RAM Windows 10 Pro latest cumulative updates and NVIDIA P620 Drivers from NVIDIA and nothing running in the background that’s un-needed and machine and power settings setup as only a DAW machine. If I open a project and work on it for hours all is fine. If I save and leave it overnight and come back to it in the morning it is just almost inoperable. It actually is without rebooting the machine. I am using the latest version of Superior Drummer but all other plugins are what came with Cubase 10.5 pro. Also using a UR44C interface plugged directly into machine with all with latest drivers and updates. The strangeness of it is the audio will play fine with no skips or dropouts if I just let it go but if I hit space bar to pause it may take literally a minute or may not pause and the video or playback line skips 3 to 5 inches at a time. It truly seems like a mem leak.