Cubase Hangs Everytime I record with Vsti & Voice

Hello I have an extremely buggy issue with Cubase. I don’t know what the problem is. Everytime I record it freezes and hangs, like a drop off.

I tried multiple things, at first I thought it was the laptop. I own a HP8710w with 8GB Memory Intel Core Duo With NVIDIA1600m

It did not have this problem before. I try to move the mouth and the whole laptop seems to freeze.

I scanned for viruses using Avast, Eset online scanner, and Hitmanpro.
I disk checked and defragmented.

No avail so I tried updating all my vstis PLAY, asio4all, jbridge, nothing with the same issues.

I deleted the preference files and turned off autosave.

I seem to be out of luck does anyone else have any other ideas to resolve the problem?