Cubase hangs occasionally while Opening Projects -

I’m running Cubase Pro 8 on a Macbook Pro (OS X Yosemite). Things generally run smoothly as expected. However, on occasion when opening a project that I’ve been working on, my system will hang while loading a project that I’ve been working on. Cubase will open fine and I’ll get the Hub page. It’s only when opening a project Cubase will SOMETIMES hang while loading a channel. The channels will vary – sometimes my bass channel will hang, sometimes my drums group channel will hang, etc. I will have to “Force Quit” Cubase and re-start and then re-open the project.

I typically use the same plug-ins from song-to-song: UAD, Sound Toys, Waves & Slate. NO VST instruments. My studio partner who works on a Window 7 PC experiences the same thing from time-to-time. Any ideas or known conflicts with certain plug-ins? :question:

I get this all the time, and my plug-in folder is very streamlined, it’ normally a crap-shoot load a song, sometimes takes 2-4 times before it’ll load. I ‘think’ it’s Slate plug-ins that causes it but not sure.

I’ve actually went back to using v6 for work as i find that version the most solid release ever, compared to v7 and v8 it hardly ever crashes.

Hmmm…I agree that it seems to be a plug-in problem. I use the same set of plugs typically: UAD, Slate, Sound Toys and Waves in that order of frequency. I use the Slate Virtual Tape Machine in every project. My studio partner works on a Win7 PC and uses more Slate plugs as well as has a more exotic set of plugins – Nebula for example. I don’t know if it’s related but I also have problems opening projects from time-to-time. C8 will start normally with no issues and then I’ll start working on the last project I had open from the day before and I’ll get crashes where Cubase will ask me if I want to reopen or close. Very often I will have to re-start my system and open a different project, close that project and then open the project I wanted to open in the first place.

My partner told me that there was an iLok update as well as a UAD update. I’m going to try to update and see if it cures one or both of the problems. Oy…

I have this issue as well. Running Cubase 8.0.10 as the latest update screwed up my on screen preferences. I will open a project other than the one I want, then return to the original that will open most of the time after doing this roundabout. I was blaming it on a large number of Kontakt instruments in a template, but see that this might not be the culprit as you guys don’t seem to be using any vst instruments. Running windows 7 Ultimate in 64 bit OS, i7 5820K, 32GB ram

Are your Slate plugins the latest versions? Also, if you’re using VST3 versions of those, try the VST2 ones, or vice versa.