Cubase hangs on startup - Initializing: Mackie HUI

Sometimes it sits on this for a few minutes. Other times, not at all. I use the Mackie HUI for a PreSonus FaderPort (MkI). Any thoughts?


Could you try to use Microsoft ProcDump utility, if DMP file would be created, please?

Hi Martin, I’m not familiar with this app. Just did a quick search - is it something I need to run in the background while starting, and you want me to post the generated report?


Sorry, I’m not Windows user and also not really familiar with this utility. I just know, this is the way, how to get a DMP file, if application hangs on Windows.

There are some nice YouTube videos.

So the problem seemed to go away for awhile, but now it’s back. Here’s a link to a DMP file:

In the meantime, I’ve found that if I force quit via the task manager when it’s hanging, then unplug and re-plug in the USB cable from the back of the FaderPort, I am then able to start Cubase without issue, and it will recognize the FaderPort. I suppose I can get by doing it this way, but any help for a more permanent fix would be most appreciated.


Sorry for my delay. As far as I can see, the crash is on Windows MIDI driver.

Could you try to reinstall the driver, please?


Could you try to activate DirectMusic Port Usage (Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI-Settings > “Use Direct Music” in Cubase, please?