Cubase hangs up when loading plug

I know this isn’t directly related to cubase software but i wanted to see if anyone could help point me in the right direction of the route cause for a win 7 64 machine. For a while now whenever i select any vst plugin, Cubase then freezes for around 2/3min before loading the plugin. Ive also noticed in wave lab when i render something that before it starts rendering my system takes 2/3min of a freeze prior to rendering. it also happens if i try to open the recycle bin on windows it takes my machine about 2min to open the recycle bin window. any thoughts on the issue much obliged.

you haven’t mentioned about sys spec that’s your issue not cubase provided all software’s are up to date.
( ram/ processor/ kontakt/ vep/ many possibilities but surely not cubase depends what you use. if you can share some more than some could chime in.

win 7, i7, top spec, 8gb ram ssd 800w power supply, but this is something to do with windows i think.

there are no specific plugins, any plugin the issue. also noticing very long project loading times, having to task manager multiple times to get it to load. all v strange thinking of putting it down to ssd wear as theres around 30gb moving on and off every day… full time studio…nothing has changed really on the system apart from we could get the odd pause when opening the recycle bin…nothing a major issue…but this plugin loading / project loading is not ok / uad and tc plugs loading fast / the cpu doesn’t completely freeze so cpu / ram is not maxed / this system is just taking its time loading these tasks / help :slight_smile:

Is this computer connected to the internet?

You might want to check for malware and viruses.

Actually could be the SSD, they often get slow, or busy shoveling data to unused cells before they run completely out of spare cells and die.

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I kind of agree with Peakae , SSD, s (at least a couple I had) have a bad habit of dying if you do too much writing and rewriting on them. Better to use normal 7200 rpm or faster drives for audio recording and let the SSD just run the OS and programmes (Cubase included of course). In my case I even moved the page file off of it, didn’t seem to slow anything down at all. None of this helps your current problem however, I seem to recall somewhere in the past having “tweaked for DAW” my OS which later caused a similar problem. Might be worth checking if you did any of those things.
And then resetting them

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Not too sure if its the ssd or not now, Ive about 7 ext hard drives plugged in, and when i disconnect them it seems to make the prob less somewhat? does that give anyone any clues?