Cubase has a kontakt instance limit?

Hi all, i have now 84 kontakt instances opened in my template with multiple instruments in each of them on one (win 10) pc system.
It seems that i hit the sheer max that Cubase can handle. Things that start to occur after loading the template are things like:
missing or changed midi outputs and empty kontakt instances where instruments just have vanished… On top of this, enable/disable tracks still does not work in Cubase with Kontakt instances that house multiple instruments. If you re-enable an instance, the midi outputs are changed too “missing output” or to an output that does not even seem to exist. This problem exist for a long time already. This way i have to fix all the midi outputs manually each time i re-enable a kontakt instance. So, making a disabled template is out of the question if i want to keep any form of workflow.

I`m running out of ideas then just deleting kontakt instances untill things are stable. Should Cubase handle the multi cores or is it better to enable multicore handling by Kontakt? I run an i7 coffeelake 8 core proc with 64 gb ram (only 20% ram left but only 30% cpu load so far)).

With the new treadripper monster pc systems that just came out, Steinberg should seriously consider that slave computers will become a thing from the past for 99% of all composers needs. I hope these issue`s get fixed soon.

Could you list your Windows 10 PC system specs please?
Also please list your Cubase version?
Kontakt version?

“multiple instruments in each of them.”

Do you have any idea or could give an estimate of how many instruments in each? I know that could be hard because it would widely vary. Have you tried with one instrument per instance…therefore many more than 84 instances?

These issues were fixed I thought. Personally I don’t have enough experience continuously working with large kontakt track counts to comment on your example because I rarely use more than 1 instrument per instance. However there are some users here who do, plus a few beta testers…one whos focus was to make sure these issues were tested and fixed. I thought they were fixed with C10.5.

Hopefully Martin will chime in…
Anyone else?

PM me if you run out of ideas or solutions.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

PC specs are as follows:

Win 10 Pro (X64) V1903 (OS build 18362.418)
Windows is stripped and audio optimized with no internet enabled (only updating every few months).
Proc: Core i7-8700K cpu 3.70 Ghz (24% cpu usage when idle)
Ram: HyperX DDR4-2666mhz 64 GB (4x 16) 80% ram usage
GPU: Geforce GTX 1050 Ti
Audio interface: RME Fireface 800
Kontakt: 5.8.1
Cubase: 10.5.0

  • Track count of about 1150 that means i have an average instrument load per K-instance of about 13 each.
  • Multicore handeling is done by Cubase only (is this the right way?)
  • I did not try one instrument per instance (already spend 4 months on this template build so i don`t want to go back :slight_smile:)
  • Am i correct assuming that at this moment disabling/enabling K-instances with multiple instruments in them causes Cubase to change all the midi output?

Problems when loading template: shifting midi outputs, missing outputs and some empty K-instances. Re-loading template can give different results.
It seems it started happening after i reached a certain K count.

If someone have some ideas, i`m glad to hear them. Cheers!

There is, and I sent you a PM.

Latest Kontakt is 6.2.1, updating this might help?

That could help although i have to rebuild the whole template.

I don’t think that Cubase sees various updates of software (plugins) as that unique. The Plug In Manager sorting process is rather generic by product name. In other words, an updated Waves plugin of the same name is quickly accepted as if it was the original - the update simply supersedes the original. The same is true for the Kontakt plugin.

I’ve just tried a basic test on this, loading one instance of Kontakt 6 and an a single instrument from ProjectSAM’s Symphobia, then duplicating up to 128 instances. All seemed normal there - I enabled all outs and routed the 128th instance of Kontakt through a group, closed and re-opened and thus far everything seemed normal and snappy. (Win 10 Pro, 7820X).

Oggfish, can you repro starting from a blank project somehow?

The disabled tracks thing is another matter, and this is definitely buggy even on simple projects. Just routing a multi-out instrument track to a folder, disabling, closing the project and re-opening loses the routings. Its very similar to a 3 year old bug that only got fixed around a year ago, and its back like a bad penny. Steinberg are aware, and the issue is logged in the system.