Cubase has become so unreliable

Its unbelivable

Ever sience 7 came out there are more bugs then featues
Ive lost so many data and good music because cubase is super unstable
I have a top of the line laptop and I use ONLY legit software and plugins and yet i cant work on a project without cubase crashing every minute

So diapointed i feel like just spent my money on some bew bugs rather then new featues

Aloha J and bummer :frowning: (sounds nasty)

If you have tried all you can to fix this
the one thing I can suggest is to:

‘Take the Long Way Home’ —Supertramp.

What I mean by that is to:
1-back-up back-up back-up first
2-WIPE EVERYTHING! hard drive/OS/Cubase/plugs etc etc
3-Then re-install your OS and then Cubase. (No 3rd party plugs yet)
4-Make sure Cubase is working OK and then start to re-install your plugs.
Keep in mind with 3rd party plugs you might be
running into some 32 vs 64 bit probs.

This is of course very time consuming and kinda ‘kludgy’ but by
taking the long way home you will be able to spot any and all
bumps in the road that may be causing you probs.

This has worked for me in the past because sometimes (albeit rarely)
order of installation can make a difference.

HTH (hope this helps)

I think this is really rubbish advice ,why should someone have to wipe a whole drive and reinstall everything just for the fact of upgrading to c7 , this is awful advice ,no update should force you into that situration .

I feel you pain on this and believe me you are not alone.

I’ve read your post and want to be able to help, but you don’t give any details as to your system, problems etc.

Let’s get this clear - C7 is not ‘super unstable’. If it was, then this forum would crash with the amount of unhappy users posting. You have issues with C7, so please tell us in some detail what they are so forum members can help.

Well - if Cubase is crashing every minute I am afraid there is really something wrong with your system/setup.

While Cubase 7 has it range of problems (some small - some more pronounced), I never ever had Cubase just plain crashing. I tested Cubase 7 on several systems (yes - also on a laptop), and on none of those systems I had one single crash…

Those systems where with AMD and Intel processors, memory ranging from 8 to 16 Gb, and in combination with Focusrite and Lexicon soundcards. I used 32 bits and 64 bits installations (using jbridge in those cases I need a 32bit plugin in a 64bit install). I used relatively CPU/Memory heavy plugins, and lots of tracks. And while I had some hiccups on heavy load (as was to expected) I never had Cubase crashing.

Yep - Cubase 7 asks for some more beefy systems then 6.5 in my opinion, but so far I can work nicely without real showstopping moments - even on a 8Gb i3-540 system. I agree I have to use some work-arounds (like keeping the mixer “always on top” to prevent the strips from resizing), but in general I would say I won’t go back to 6.5.

That said - I am in no way a very heavy user with hundreds of plugin-loaded tracks and several monitors, so it is fully possible there are users that have more problems. As to be expected - some users have more problems than others.

It could help if you are giving your system specs. Maybe it is possible to track down the cause of your every-minute crashes.

Could you make at least a moment of “good music”, if “cubase crashing every minute”? :wink:

If the OP is having this much trouble and has reached the the end of his grasp in regard to troubleshooting this will fix the problem.

I had had no more and no less crashes than the previous version, and the reading the forum shows that few users are having this type of difficulty. They are having others :wink:

I have done two full productions in C7 by now. First music for a commercial and then a jazz album. I really like C7. No real issues.

Something must be wrong on my system…

I have to agree with Curteye and Filterfreak and in that order as solving the problem is what you need to do. While you should not have to re-install your entire drive due to update issues, I have been in positions where " due to a series of perfect storms " you really are left with few alternatives and a fresh install will re-establish order and lost sequences that for any number of reasons, are just not being run correctly.

If you think back to your new fresh computer install and you see how quickly it boots and starts other software, the myriad of updates and installs from so many other vendor sources obviously create cumulative bogs all thru the system.

If it come down to it…I think it may be a better plan than to frustrate your attempts over the long term. Systems vary so much and handle commands so differently that there can be 10 computers running the same piece yet 3 of them will react very differently. Good Luck

Did you try trashing your preferences ? - this works for some people…

I would say there is an easy way to find out if the problem is C7 or your computer:
Install Cubase 6.5.4 (will run with the C7 licence and can be installed besides C7). If 6.5.4 is running fine then
C7 is the problem, otherwise it’s your computer.

Dr. Max

I would say there is an easy way to find out if the problem is C7 or your computer:
look around, if 100’s users don’t have such a problem with C 7 as you have, just let yourself to think about it for a minute or two more…

Cubase 7.0.3 is very stable on my system. (*) The only things I can complain about are minor graphic glitches with console #1 (for some strange reason, additional consoles seem to work fine) and VariAudio 2.0, which is so buggy it’s basically unusable.

I can live with the former, the latter is a lot more serious. But since I’m a working professional and I can’t wait for Steinberg to fix it, I bought Melodyne (which is waaaaaay more powerful and virtually bug-free) and now I’m a happy camper. Still, Steinberg should not force their customers to buy a third-party equivalent of something that comes with Cubase and it’s supposed to work.

(*) I DO NOT use Steinberg’s VSTBridge, which I believe is the source of most crashes people experience. Replace it with jBridge and you’ll be MUCH happier.

C7 is not that stable I have had loads of issues since getting it. Fixed some of the problems but not the major one BSOD I have tried everything and it’s still doing it SB keep blaming my hardware!!! If it was hardware 6.5 would not run so brill.There are loads more issues like the mixer going strupid and losing it’s sizing and missing inserts aslo grid lines vanishing etc etc I have never had so many problems with any of the versions of Cubase ever. And to say there is a common factor with all those having issues there just is not…People have been putting their specs up and they are all way different. I even tried 7 on my high spec laptop it had no crap on it at all. I loaded C7.03 up with NO plugins at all and guess what BSOD??? and that was just loading it up. You tell me what the problem is? I put 6.5 on my laptop and LOW and BEHOLD IT WORKED FINE C7 has major issues I have sat with 7.03 for the last few days yes I can work on it with the bugs it just means I have to close it all the time and open it again to keep fixing the mixer issues. The biggest BUG of all is the BSOD which is so sporadic If I close the song window and open a blank window I can then close 7 without the BSOD but if I forget to do it and just close 7 then BANG BSOD For all it’s problems at the mo I still like the new look and I think work flow is faster than 6.5 I can not wait until they finally get it well and truly sorted

I have yet to do any work with the latest update.

7.0.2 worked well for me on a very demanding project for a high end artist in a less than perfect live setting. There were many restorative edits and everything had to work with HD video running in sync. At one time some plugs got a bit buggy and I decided to only use VST 3 plugs and everything worked just fine at that point (thanks FabFilter!). It was probably a memory or bridge issue.

I do think that the mixer and other areas need some work. If I were to give a wish list it would be…

  1. Add a stereo width control on stereo channels and fx channels.
  2. Do a version of object based editing like Samplitude. This allows one to group tracks from different projects and drag them between projects with all levels and object effects intact. It also allows one to slice a track (like a snare) into separate objects and have a single snare hit send to a FX send or do a number of plugins on a sidestick object and copy those setting to the other places in a tune where the sidestick happens without having to do gobs of automation. It also helps release processing resources.
  3. Add CD burning to Cubase!

Overall, is Cubase 7 perfect - no. Name me any software that is. The dev staff does seem to be better at listening to the users than in the past. The more they improve in their reaction time, the better the future will be for all.

+1 to that.

I usually always wipe and re-install Windows + Cubase when there is a new major version out from Steinberg.

This time though, I didn’t. I just installed the update but of course kept version 6.5. And it has worked like a charm! No crashes. And I have huge projects with hundreds of channels and plugins… :slight_smile:

I had an issue with an old project that used an very old VST plugin that can’t start in Cubase 7. But since there is no problem running Cubase 6.5 on the side, on the same computer, I could open the project in v6.5 in finish the project there.

So really don’t understand people who DON’T EVEN TRY to make clean installation before complaining about there 3-year-old installation filled with crap. 99% of the time it is a plugin or user/computer/other software related problem. NOT Cubase or other professional software.

This is my own experience (but I’m not alone!) since every version since Cubase VST (year 2000-2001…).

Wipe and re-install your old three-year-old OS and everything will be fine.

you know that for a fact do you ??? another complete load of hog wash .
I’ll give you a good bit of advice ,keep the drive exactly how it is and go and buy another drive and install everything on the new drive and IF it turns out that everything runs as it should then clone that configuration to the first drive ,that way you have a backup ,that way if it was your computer you have solved the problem while still having a drive to fall back on too … COME ON CHAPS IF YOU GOING TO GIVE ADVICE MAKE SURE IT’S GOOD ADVICE

As a matter of fact I do. :ugeek:
I have been a computer engineer for over 20 years, so I usually know what the problem is when a user is crying wolf. :laughing:

In any case. Of course you should always have backup(s) of your current installation. I didn’t know we were talking about different methods of making backups in this thread. How you do your backups and how you restore them is another topic. If you feel you have to buy another disk, go ahead, whatever works for you.

[quote="]msyAs a matter of fact I do. :ugeek:
I have been a computer engineer for over 20 years, so I usually know what the problem is when a user is crying wolf. :laughing:

zzzzzzz and wow I wish I was as good as you at fault diagnosis your so good you didn’t even have to know anything about his system im on my knee’s in homage , do you work for PC world by any chance ?

a so called professional like yourself should know to offer the advice of backup or clone BEFORE advising someone to reinstall yes ? correct ,well you didn’t did you !