Cubase has high energy drain in Task Manager!

Hi guys,
After multiple problems with Cubase 10 (HaLion didn’t work, it didn’t record anything, Midi didn’t work etc. - pretty much nothing worked, support didn’t respond) I finally fixed it by upgrading to Cubase 11. I used it for the first time today to record something via midi for my filmmusic lecture and it worked perfectly. After finishing that I wanted to record some samples but the energy drain of Cubase in Task Manager was shown as “very high”… Which means, as soon as it turned to “very high” I couldn’t use the program. It just hang up. I don’t know how to fix it. I restarted my computer but nothing changed.
Does anyone have a solution?
Some spec information: Dell G3, Windows 10, 64bit, Cubase 11 Elements
I would ask the support but they don’t respond and when I look at “My Tickets” on mysteinberg I get redirected to the homepage of the website… (Maybe someone has a solution for that problem as well?)
Thanks in advance,

What I might need to add as well: It says “No respond” in Task Manager as well. I don’t know why.

Another question I have: It worked for a few minutes until it hang up again. I wanted to export the music I wrote but it didn’t work. Wanted to make an audio-mixdown and after clicking “export audio” nothing happened. Over and over. How do I solve this?