Cubase has licence issue when starting in safe mode

I’m on C12.0.0 as I had non-fixable issues with 12.0.3 with Sonarworks SoundID and other Cubase issues.

All has been working fine for weeks since I resorted to 12.0.0 but today I am having some issues with Audiowarp not working (maybe user error) and also events still playing after deleting, even from the pool & erasing from disk!) so I thought I’d restart Cubase in safe mode =the usual action to eliminate any issues that may be caused by my personal preferences in preference file (you know the drill).
However on pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt and clicking mouse on Cubase icon tostart Cubsae in safe mode, it reported all sorts of licence issues and tried to load offline licences.

Is loading safe mode still activated by using Ctrl+Shift+Alt or has that changed?

If it’s still valid, does anyone else get this issue (maybe safe mode bypasses the new online licensing?).

Thanks in advance.


Yes, this still part of Cubase.

The Safe Start Mode had no exception from the licensing point of view. It should behave the common way.

What about the latest Cubase 12.0.40, please?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for confirming that Ctrl+Shift+Alt is still the safe mode startup method.
Yes I have thought about 12.0.4 and expected you to mention it :slight_smile:
I wasted literally days posting here & with Sonarworks with all the issues I had when I updated last time to C12.0.3 and am really trying to keep a stable version so I can spend my precious time on music than admin. If I have to, I will backup my PC image & try updating to 12.0.4 (I had to restore my system last time to get back to the same working state as just installing 12.0.0 didn’t do it).
Regarding the 2 issues that I’m actually trying to solve, the playback issue where it’s playing a deleted file seems to be only on one large project so I guess the problem must be in there somehow - I may create a new project and import the stems (more wasted hours probably).
The Audiowarp issue could well be my inexperience so I’ll go over all tutorials again and if stuck I’ll ask for help on a separate thread.
If I have to upgrade to 12.0.4 I’ll repost here as to whether it solved the safe mode issue.
Thanks & have a great day!

The audio warp issue I was able to find an answer herer:

The playback issue seemed to fix itself after multiple shutdowns and startups. It wasn’t happening in C11 but only C12 but after shutting down and rebooting few times it dissappeared.
I haven’t tried safe mode start since but I can make music now!