Cubase has more then 2000 wave files organized from to 5100. region (bars and beats)

The problem is defining more then 1 sample to Audio → region update

is there any possibility of doing it not one by one manually?

The problem is that the pool showing all the samples are in the same region when the truth is that they are in different location on the grid , the purpose is to know where they located and if it possible to do it somehow .

please help thank you in advance Michael Karenkih

Very confusing… I don’t understand your problem, can you try to describe it better?

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First of all thank you for responding my post .

Some background first , my name is Michael Karenkih I’m working on 10.5 Cubase pro on Windows 10 .

For almost 3 years I’ve been composing and editing at least 3 to 4 hours a day.
First 2 years I prefer to work with VST and VSTI .
As I went further (after the two years of working with plugins and almost without working with wave samples) I’ve discovered 2 Site called “splice” and “loop cloud” that been giving me a good samples and didn’t coast that much.
So in that point (8 months back) I started to exporting all my VST channels to wave samples at 24 bit depth 44,100 Khz.
Now I’m standing in a point where I have 2400 different samples at 24 bit and 44,100 Khz spreed on 36 audio channels on 5100 4\4 bars 140 bpm {which are 2 and half hours} , and the composing become a bit more tricky now.
I don’t know where are the samples shown in the project , sometimes when importing a wave Cubase says “hey you already has it in the pool” , but where he’s on the grid(arrangement\project window) I can’t figure and find.
In Cubase there is a pool window where all the waves samples are showed but and (here is the problem) the origin time are the same for all of them {for all the 2400 samples}( ) As you can see file been attached (picture).
Bottom line is , solution needed first to set all the samples in the pool as they in the arrangement \ project editing window .

If you still don’t understand please let me know.

Thank you in advance Michael Karenkih

Any one?

Hi Michael!

I don’t understand this. Can you break it down, step-by-step, what you did and what was the purpose?

I unfortunately do not understand this part either, I’m afraid.
I feel there is a disconnect in your description and what your were trying to accomplish in the first place.
Could you please try and explain what you were trying to achieve, what steps you took to get you where you are now. If you can, also include some screenshots to help visualize what you are describing.

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simply want to find my wave samples along the project , instead of their real place , they all set in the same place at the pool window.

the samples are good and everything about them is ok but I don’t know their position at the pool window

I also confess to not being quite clear on what you are asking, but maybe these tips will help?

Right click on the audio event in the project window, choose Find Selected in Pool

or. in the pool window, right click and choose Select in Project

the second screen helped me a lot! thank you

you think there is a way (in the pool) to see there origin beside the in which they are right now?
you helped me a lot thank you very much and sorry for not being so confused

No, I don’t think so.

It seems like you have said that the events are where they belong in the project view, did I get that right?

yes but I thought pool window will be showing the absolute range they at

never mind thanks a lot