Cubase has no output sound on Mac

Hi all,

I’ve got an MacBook Pro with M1 Max and macOS Ventura (13.4.1). My Cubase version is Cubase 12 Pro.
In my sessions I work mostly with audio and a little bit of MIDI (until I render everything). It is very current for me to have no sound on the output. So I’ll start up Cubase, make sure my input and output panels (in the audio connection settings) are enabled, and I press play.
->> I can see signal inside the session (so on the tracks where there’s sound, you can see the fader signal moving), but on the output itself (bottom right of the screen), nothing is happening.

I did realise one thing though. It is only happening for the WAV files and MIDI files in the session. I have imported a couple mp3 audio files in the session I’m currently working in, and those work. So I’m really not understanding why only mp3 files can be heard and not the WAV and MIDI.

By the way the issue happens only at certain times. This morning I fired up my Mac, plugged in headphones and it didn’t work (even after restarting the Mac). Sometimes Cubase has the issue and just plugging in headphones (straight in the Mac) kind of ‘triggers’ the Mac and it works, but sometimes it does not…

I really don’t get it. Would appreciate if anyone can help.

Thanks a lot!