Cubase has stopped sending to the USB

The output (and input) have stopped all together.
I have Cubase 10.5, Win 10, latest Asio4all driver.
Settings in the audio connections are the same.
I am connected to a behringer QX1622 desk via USB.
If I open UTUBE (or similar) I have signal to the desk.
In cubase, input is shown on the transport input display bar graph. That means it is getting an input.
When playing, the mixer bar graph has an output. It is trying to send, but not making it to the USB for some reason.
Installed the latest version of cubase 10.5
I have made no changes, it just stopped working and now Cubase is useless.
I don’t know what to do…

Have you checked the connections menu to see if the output has a device assigned? Have you checked studio to see if asio4all is selected?


Double-check the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs, please. Make sure, the proper asio4all output is selected here.

Try to click to the Disable all Mute States and Disable all Solo States (even if they are grey), please.

Thank you for responding.
I have checked Studio - Audio connections and the Asio4all v2 is connected for input and output.
I have checked the deactivate all mute states.
When playing I can see a signal in the channel and at the channel fader.
Trying to record and no signal at the fader with monitor selected.


If the ASIO4ALL setup as needed? Could you double check its Control Panel, please?

Hi Martin

What is control panel?

In Studio - Studio Setup the Asio4all v2 is selected.
It has been working fine, then stopped for some reason

It is like cubase is not ‘activating’ the driver.
Utube works fine.
Here is a difference.
Before (when all was working), when cubase was running, Utube would not work (Cubase had the driver).
Now when cubase is running, Utube is working (Utube has the driver and cubase does not).

Asio4all does have a control panel that is usually at the bottom right of the screen when activated

thanks for input.
Nope, there is no control panel

There is an arrow which when clicked show things running. This is where asio4all should be. Have you tried reinstalling it? It sounds like the driver from your last post.

I have installed the latest Asio4all v2 driver. No change.
Next I will re install Cubase.

I have re installed cubase LE AI 10.5. 30
Reinstalled the latest drive ASIO4ALL V2
Still does not work.

It is working.
I had to switch drivers.
The ASIO4ALL does not work.
Used the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver. That works.
Thankyou all for contributing.