"cubase has stopped working" at startup

Hi, I bought cubase artist 6 about 4 months ago, everything was working till one day I started it and the message “cubase has stopped working” pops up. I’ve already tried uninsalling and resinstalling it still nothing works, I contacted steinberg and they give instructions to go to apps folder and trash cubase 6 folder so that ill reset stting but it didn’t work either. Please help it will be very appreciated I’m very frustrated with this becasue I hardly even use it I was more into my toy “MASCHINE”. please if anybody has encountered this problem and found a solution please show me how thanks.

I’m running
windows 7 64bit
m-audio profire 610 audio/midi interface
mackie control universal pro

p.s. I’ve noticed that when it’s loading all the components it stops right when it shows video player :question:

Is quicktime up to date?

yes it is, why you ask? you think it might have something to do with cubase not working?

Cubase uses a quicktime video engine.

Other than that, I don’t know.
I think I’ve seen posted on the forums a way to disable the video engine (if you’re not using it, that is), but I can’t remember where.
Baring that, get back in touch with support and tell them that trashing prefs didn’t help.

thanks I appreciate your help!! I’ll get back with them.