Cubase has stopped working "close"


Can you please add a “do you want to save the current set” option to the bug/crash cubase popup that force closes cubase?

"Cubase has stopped working “close”

Or actually do something about it so it doesnt appear anymore?

Thank you kindly.


There is a risk, you would save a corrupted project in this case.

I would take that risk…

See, i lost a lot of work just now…

A scratchpad project with 3 track ideas and a lot of work and heavenly inspiration behind them… (Ideas of the day)

I was about to save - so that i could split them up into seperate tracks and then cubase crashed…

Just by going through the timeline and listening throught the various ideas real quick before the save…

Then… Whoosh… Lost it all… Could recover some recorded audio, but most work was midi and work within self contained plugins…

Nothing new added or so… Just a final check of ideas… Click timeline here, click it there etc…

I got this “shock” feeling i do not like… Like total soberness (which i am) but a whole new level of soberness and shock and disbelief… And all that inspired work… Gone… The friendly spirit was exorcised and was exchanged with a full of energy yet angry steinberg spirit…

I remained calm… The energy was peaking internally, but the inspiration was gone… As it nearly always goes in situations like this… (Depending how much time/quality content went into it)
I nearly posted a pic that said something like " I meditate so i dont have to kill one of you" (lol?:p)but it seemed kind of harsh and not really constructive…

I know the project was not corrupt or anything else… I didnt add anything new at that time… I have no internet and no cracks whatever… I know it is purely bad coding on steinbergs part that did this. If it was caused by a plugin then cubase needs to adopt sandboxing…

Or- quite simply , just add an option of saving the project. Corrupt or not, this would allow us to go back and extract relevant tracks/info from the project if it were to corrupt (it wasnt corrupt tho)

Another solution would be a midi pool - like audio pool… See, when cubase crashes… Even if u havent saved yet, you can always recover the raw audio from an untitled folder in your tracks directory (the newest untitled folder) - now if the pool were to also save midi like this, one could go back and also recover it…

Actually… U know what? Ableton live has the best recovery i have seen. If ableton crashes (if it ever does) it will ask you upon next program start: ableton has crashed. Do you want to recover your work? - when u select “yes” it recovers everything. The only thing at might be missing is the last undo step if anything…

Thats how i want to see cubase.

Either 100% stable or 100% crash recovery… But not what it is now- something that kills the holy spirit and throws away countless hours of work without recovery…

I am calm and collected now… But a lot of great “je ne sais qoui” was lost if you know what i mean…

-> and pls people save me the “you should have saved earlier yaddayadda” Or “should have saved every X minutes or whatever…” Comments… I save it when i think its worth saving or there would be an even greater mess within my track folders…

Point is- cubase crashed again and i lost loads of work.
I think we can all agree that this is not something we would wish for and should be addressed… This DAW has 30 years experience and should be able to show it…
Yes, lots of new staff coming in and the change of the guard that happened 2-3 years ago within steiny… But still… The program needs to be flawless. When is the last time a DOS window crashed? Or what about the skala system?
When is the last time a nuclear chronometer stopped telling time? When is the last time that the internet crashed?
Certain things just work… A lot of things still work from the time before planned obsolesence was a thing…
They are of the best quality… They have failsafes… If something is not made perfectly, go back some steps until it is perfect then build up again from there… Dont build on rubbish as that house will not stand.

So please, go back and rebuild or implement failsafes for situations like this…

Thanx n lots of love@all:)

Edit: p.s. Cubase should be rock solid and not allow any third party whatevers to crash it. A driver here, a plugin there… It shouldnt be like part 2 of an FCC 15 label-> “this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation”
We dont want that. Cubase must be strong and simply kill the process or whatever that is trying to crash it and give us notice that “X crashed and cubase succesfully restarted it- sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and carry on rocking” or whatever… -> strong core. Not omg, X did something weird… Let me crash and lose everything… Right?:stuck_out_tongue:


which Cubase version are you using ?

Which Plugins are you using ?

What kind of hardware are you using ? (computer specs)

Which soundcard ?

Did this happened before or just recent ?

Did something changed at your system ?

Are you sure everything is up to date ?

Perhaps you could upload your CPR as an attachment and other users could check if the same thing happens. A short repro would be nice.



Hi Chris

Thank you for your concern…

Can you please share the tool you use to debug the cubase Crash.dmp files so I can analyze it myself and see where the problem was?


Hi there

I feel your pain, but don’t you have autosave turned on? Then at least you would only have lost the last 10 minutes or so (depending on the autosave period, mine is set to 5 mins btw).

Best regards


And also you can use Ctrl-Alt-S to save incremental (new) versions when you’ve done a good bit of work or when you’re about to do something that might cause instability (e.g. adding a heavy plugin like Melodyne).


Autosave has saved my ass countless times. Turn it on for a 5 minute interval and live with the periodic system lockups as the system keeps saving

I still find it weird that a plugin is capable of crashing the host, then again I know next to nada about coding…

I feel your pain mate…been happening to me with 8.5.20, (it even crashes while it’s opening) luckily 8.5.10 works without crashing…go figure :confused:
like the other guys say, autosave is the answer… :slight_smile:

New LCC is out, I’ve been having more random crashes lately and Apple have put out a couple of system updates, so maybe that will help?

*** Edit

Literally just had a crash on opening a project, looks like it’s linked to the Waves licence control centre though?

Can autosave save filenames with sequential names?

That’s because the plugin works in host memory space…we could say that the plugin becomes part of the host really…

To prevent that, you would need to run the plugin in a separate process but that requires yet another level of abstraction for IPC communication, so it can affect performance, stability…


Can you please give us access to the software you ,steinberg, use for checking the dumps?
(The usual windows bsod dump viewer program doesnt work with your dumps.

Or do we just have to accept this Zustand?