Cubase has to be open for me to hear youtubes thru UR28M?

Hi - What do I need to do to hear audio from youtube without having to open Cubase 1st?


Tell you computer to use the UR as the main Audio device in your windows sound preferences.


Hi Alexis

If you run the dspmix software WITHOUT opening cubase you can setup the default assigments there. Cubase takes hold of the UR as soon as you open it.

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OK, thanks Dave, I’ve never run the UR28M w/o Cubase being open, I’ll check out the manual.

I was a bit confused last night - I was able to confirm the youtube sounds had been assigned to the UR28M’s Mix 1, but couldn’t find any signal activity in Cubase’s Mix 1 channel fader in the Mix Console. I’m guessing it will all become clear when I open up the dspmix software w/ Cubase off!

(TBH, I don’t even remember assigning computer sounds like youtube to the UR28M, not that it’s a problem!).

Thanks again, Dave!

(Mods - I guess this is more of a UR28M issue than a Cubase issue, please feel free to move to the appropriate forum :slight_smile: ).

Hi Dave, and anyone else!

I set up the dspmix so that things now play through the ur28M without Cubase being open - THANKS!

A couple of things I can’t figure out after going through the manual a few times (this is for getting non-Cubase sounds out of the computer to my monitors, e.g., youtube):

  1. Is the computer hard-wired to go through Mix 1 only, or can it be set up to go through Mix 2 and/or Mix 3 also? … If this is assignable … where is the control for that?

  2. How do I lower or raise the input into the UR28M from the non-DAW computer music … where are the “upstream” controls?

  3. In Mix 1, I can’t get any Rev-X to get assigned to the youtube. It’s “On” (lit up blue), the sends are full, the delay is long … just can’t get the youtube to be processed. I know this isn’t much to go on, but where might I go next to get this done?

Thanks again!

(PS - Mods - best moved to the UR28M forum? I would if I knew how, sorry about that, when I started I thought of it as a Cubase thing, but I see now it’s not …)

Hi Alexis

As far as sending system sounds to wherever you want, that is in the dsp software, go to the main dsp page and click the"gear" button next to the i at the top. Then in the output routing settings, whichever output you want the system sounds to go through, set that to mix 1/2 , (I have a feeling that that IS fixed but haven’t been into it) you’ll have to set the others to something else otherwise it’ll come out of all the outputs set to mix 1/2, it is a bit backwards but it works so,

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Thanks, Dave! I can’t find any way for system sounds to be routed to anything other than Mix 1/2 either … which I guess is fine, I just was wondering if I was missing a control or something. I haven’t gotten to the point of getting other sounds to be routed out to Mix 2/3 etc, but when I do, I’ll keep your post in mind!

Thanks again -

  1. Yes Mix 1 only, Dave explained how this is then routed to whichever Output pair you wish.

2)This would be the DAW fader primarily and the Master fader in a pinch (keep your eye on the output levels though!)

  1. The Daw channel has neither FX possibilities nor Channel Strip. The REV-X controls on the master handle only the feeds from the Input channels (Analog and S/PDIF), and then only from one of the mixes at a time.

Thank you, Brihar :slight_smile: