Cubase Hiding Tracks (Show all tracks not working)

Hi there!

Having an issue where cubase seems to be hiding my instrument tracks.
I worked at another setup and my project came back showing only my first set of live string tracks, the midi +other audio tracks have disappeared from the window.
However, they still register in the project via the visibility window on the left. My total track number at the top “47/47” also indicates they should be showing.
“Show all” doesn’t bring up these “hidden” tracks.
How am I supposed to fix this?

Hmmm… maybe the the same trick works that makes all input/output channels visible: Press the global Write button in the upper tool bar.

Hi! The global “Write” button actually does not work for this, but what I found out that does is unchecking “divide track list”. Somehow this got toggled on, and I’m not sure as to how (I never use it as a feature), but the second time it’s happened now. Seems like some kind of bug that happens when projects get too big.

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