Cubase highjacks the soundcard HELP PLEASE

Im finding in the last few days if play a wave or mp3 using Foobar or windows media player for eg…, its all
fine, but as soon as I open Cubase it highjacks the sound card and cuts
off the other players. Even if I close down Cubase the sound card still
wont play with the other players…

I have ticked the box to release soundcard when in the background in
Cubase/soundcard options,.

If I reboot Windows 10, it seems to be fine for a while then it reverts to the above

Does anyone know why this happens with Cubase, and what I can do to fix this. ?
Many thanks

Me too! updated to the latest version of Cubase Pro 9.5.41

… also I found that you can sometimes get it to allow another program to play sound but makes an almighty thump every time it switches. After a few times it stops switching altogether. Has there been a change in soundcard management with 9.5.41?

Intesting thought that it might be a change in soundcard management with 9.5.41… STEINBERG can you come on board and tell us whats going on please ???

Just hoping to bump this thread along, does anyone else get the same problem? Mister Steinberg?

Hello? Anybody there? STEINBERG??? This is becoming a massive PITA, I can’t audition loops, listen to stuff online etc whenever I have Cubase running, even after closing it down I have to reboot before I get any sound back. I have tried the Release driver in Background (now set by default) but this doesn’t seem to do anything.