Cubase Home-workstation

Hi, I am most times a composer and sometimes dabble in music arrangement. I am currently using Cubase 10.5 Pro in my studio/office. However, I am constantly finding myself inspired in the middle of the night. I am wondering if I can have a mini home-workstation just to drop the inspiration down, which I can later bring to the studio… Advice pls. Thank you.

I see two options:

  1. You could get a laptop, It does not need to be top-of-the-line, if you do not do complex stuff or just sketch out things first. One annoyance might be moving the eLicenser around constantly. Personally no issue with this, as I only have one PC with Cubase, with the dongle plugged in always. Plan B would be getting just Cubase Elements for the laptop solution, activated on a Soft eLicencer, aka no dongle.

  2. Or you might buy an iPad or Android tablet, along with a mobile DAW. I have an iPad with Cubasis and honestly haven’t used it as much yet tbh due to being at home these times, where I have my computer. But still love using the tablet generally. Sometimes on vacation (if possible again) and for daily use as well. For sketching out this is nice. With a converter plugin Cubase on your PC can import the Cubasis project files and you continue working from there, around the restrictions Elements on the laptop. Obviously the options on a mobile DAW (there are many others besides Cubasis) are much more limited vs. your main rig or a laptop . One the other side a tablet is much lighter and is quicker to grab.

I am by no means an Apple fan and use a Windows PC and an Android smartphone happily. Will never get an iPhone for personal reasons, but arguably Apple has far better device support and better music apps than Android.

Interesting… but the idea of moving the eLicenser around sounds troublesome. Option 2 sounds good, too… but either way I would need an interface, right? Thanks for replying…at least now I got something to think about…