Cubase Hub Crash

I’m running Cubase 9.5 (latest update) on High Sierra (latest update). Cubase has been crashing at startup more frequently (after all the scans are complete, right as the Cubase Hub is being displayed). And if Cubase does startup and run, it typically won’t shutdown without a force quit. I disabled the Hub in the preferences and both Cubase Start-Up and Shutdown work fine now - no issues at all, and are quick. Perhaps this is old news, but just curious if it’s a known issue and if so, if there are any workarounds beyond disabling the Hub? In my case, not a problem running without the Hub. Just more curious what’s up with this and why over time it’s degraded to the point where the Hub just doesn’t seem to work reliably.


Share the *.crash file located in macOS Console utility, User Reports folder, please.