Cubase hub left panel remains empty

Since two weeks or so the left panel of my Cubase 10 installation has suddenly stop working. It remains empty. Obviously I have checked that my internet connection is up and running (Google Chrome works fine). When I right-click on the panel en choose Properties it says that what’s in the left panel is a local HTML file containing the message “no internet connection”, although that may be the default page rendered before Hub has connected to the internet.

Anyone any idea?

Cubase 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro

To be more precise: the left panel of Cubase DOES actually show some content at the very beginning … “Connecting to internet” (in multiple languages, but it disappears after about a second

Whatever it was, the problem disappeared after I installed 10.0.40 … of course I didn’t know about this update because, well, Cubase Hub didn’t tell me