Cubase Hub - Recent Projects - shorten list / clean list

Hi Steinberg Team,

it would be great if you could implement a setting in the preferences where you can set how many projects in the recent projects list in the cubase hub shall be listed , i have currently 100 projects in there and the list is a mess, i would like to see only 5 or 10 recent projects, this would keep the list tidy and sorted and best usuable for me
also a “clean list” button would be very helpful

@anybody, does anyone knows a “hack” where you choose the amount of items in the recent documents list? i have searched the win registry and xml preference files in user/appdata/roaming/steinberg/cubase 13_64/
but didnt find anything

In Defaults.xml you can find the list of your recent projects under “RecentDocumentPaths” and you can clean up that list manually, but i didnt found any variable where you can set the maximum count to someting like 5 or 10

perhaps some of you know?

thanks alot