Cubase I like it alot... BUT

Lets gather some thoughts…

I like cubase alot but… my first thought since long time another daw user :slight_smile:

1 Can someone explain why I would want want track color on my automation? I want it to be visable, like the outerlines in a cartoon, black, same logic
2 If I, without any editor open, double click a midi track, why cant I be able to exit that mode with like ESC? have to use my mouse or think it was a triple shortcut to exit

3 Shouldnt ch volume/routing always be visable? From what I can see I have to click a channel and hit E to see/change this

4 copying inserts from a channel to the other, then you have to go inside the mixer, wrap your head around that for some time and then drag drop, why cant we have that in main window?

Another thing, when mixing you press mute to mute and mute again to unmute right? never seen any other way, but in cubase you press CTRL + M and CTRL + U to unmute, ???

to 1: Thats default here, I must say after trying out Reaper it does make more sense to have always the same colors for volumes, other colors for pan, and other volumes for insert automation. So you quickly see what kind of automation is going on.

to 2: I docked the midi editor to my bottom zone, and assigned a key to toggle show/hide the lower zone. That makes it pretty fast. Especially if you have variaudio too in the lower zone.

to 3: in the inspector in the left zone the volume+routing is always visible… isnt it?

I opened a feature request to make that possible. Working in the mixconsole is not intuitive after all. If you want to support the idea, it would be great if you could comment on the thread :slight_smile:

Don’t understand your problem, why don’t you assign other key commands for that? If you assign the key ‘m’ to unmute you can mute/unmute the selected tracks always by hitting just ‘m’.

There is a key command to close whatever window, including full (not the lower zone) key/drum editors. However the glaring limitation, due to focus issues, is that that editor needs to be in focus before closing.

For clarification, you can change the track color automation correct? You are asking why it colors by default?