Cubase IC connection issue- windows 7

Hello Cubasers,
I’ve read all of the previous posts on this issue and they don’t help.
I am trying to set up Cubase IC for the first time and can’t get any host to show up on the connection screen for the app on my iphone 6.
I’ve downloaded and installed Steinberg ski remote successfully and added it to my device list.
I’ve downloaded and installed Bonjour as suggested on the Steinberg troubleshooting guide and changed the firewall settings to allow Bonjour to communicate (btw i did not see any app choices in the firewall for Cubase).
My PC and Iphone are both connected via wifi to my modem.
Bluetooth is off
There are no eligible devices listed in the Steinber SKI remote device set up panel, and there is no available host listed on the Cubasae IC app on my phone.
If I cut and paste the http://ip address shown in the device set up window for the SKI remote into a browser on my PC, then “Cubase IC PRO []” device comes up on the device list on the ski remote device set up window. I can then use the controls in the browser to control cubase (though the browser window calls it cubase ic pro instead of just cubase ic. However, this doesn’t solve my issue of getting it to actually work through my phone.
Can you please help?