Sorry to be thick…Can someone please explain how to get the ipad/iphone app working with CUBASE 8 PRO

My STUDIO PC is connected directly to the Router via DEVOLO plugs and therefore visible on the Network

I got SKI REMOTE installed in CUBASE

If I want my iPad to be able to use IC etc. how is this achieved? as I tried it and the STUDIO PC does not appear in the Connection list…does it somehow have to be wireless?

Sometimes I mix my tunes in another room well away to the Studio…so thought as long as BOTH iPad and STUDIO PC connect to the same Network this should be possible

Any thoughts?

I’ve found that where the PC is connected with an ethernet connection I have to manually add it on the tablet using the PC’s IP address. Not sure how the Devolo system handles addresses but I assume it will be the same approach.

OK thanks very much will try that approach later

Can you plz expand a bit on how to add it to the tablet if you know the PC IP Address…is it part of the Connection screen functionality…or something in the Table Settings itself???

If you can see the network that both iPad (Via wireless) and the PC (Directly) are connected to…do you simply update the WiFi settings for the Wireless network on the iPad to be that of a STATIC IP address (which is in fact the IP address of the PC)??

If you do this, do you have to go through this procedure every time for CUBASE IC usage or can you switch it on/off so that the iPad can go back to using the Wifi Network as before?

btw The DEVOLO Netwok blocks AFAIK simply act as message transfers and its as if you stuck the ethernet cable direct into the back of the router

Ta for help

I’m using it on an Android tablet rather than an iPad but i assume the procedure is the same…

when I,launch the application, once the Splash screen has cleared I get a box that says “Slect your computer” and next to this is a button that says"Enter IP of computer"…I press that and enter the IP…

But no, it doesn’t remember settings from one session to another, which is annoying.

Ok thanks will try that

I use both the iPad and (now discontinued) Andriod version of Cubase IC Pro. I’ve used both since Cubase 7.5, and I’m now on C8. If you assign a static IP to your studio computer, you only have to enter the IP on the Cubase IC app once, and then it remembers from there…At least that’s how it works for me. Obviously Cubase has to be running and a project loaded prior to launching the IC Pro app.

That’s useful to know…might try assigning a static IP on mine. Can’t say I use the control tat much (partly due to having to add the IP address each time!) so this might help me too.