Cubase IC fro iPad


I’m going to buy my first iPad soon. I am planning to use it also to control the cubase mixer by remote. Does anybody here use Cubase iC Pro? How is it?

The last update is from July 2017… It says it all, even though some recent posts say that it works fine.

Yes I use it and it works well, even replacing my old beloved Tranzport, though we just went through a brief period of it not working on iOS 15.1 to 15.3. As of 15.4 it works normally. So if you go this route just make sure you check the iOS version and update if needed.

As long as you’re okay with vaporware and it probably never receiving another update.

Mmmm… that’s not encouraging

I would use it especially to control the mixer when I cannot use my hardware controller as per shortcuts I would use a mix of Streamdeck and Lemur

But even if it’s not been updated for long time is that bad?

It is working for Cubase 11 and 12. I don’t use it too much (most of the time I use CMC controllers), but it works.

Let’s say that if it works I don’t really care about updates. I just really need something I can use to easily control the mixer and replace the hardware controller when I am not in my studio and need to work

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