Cubase iC no longer working


Can you help. I was using Cubase iC successfully. It now only connects sporadically and when it does connect the transport controls do not advance - although it will sometimes remotely control, there is no visual feed back of this. Most of the time it doesn’t connect. Either no available connections appear in list or when my computer appears get a connection failure may be using ad hoc connection message.

I have installed SKI remote and it appears in list of devices.
I have installed Bonjour and it is running (iTunes remote works flawlessly).

A few months ago I updated to 5.5.2 (haven’t yet performed subsequent updates but will when I get a bit of time).

Can you help? Tried switching off Firewall and virus checker and still got problem. Could it be my iphone settings?


Aloha J

I’m using C6.02 and the IC seems to be working fine.

Perhaps if you are still using C5.x you might get more comprehensive
help in the C5 section of the forum.