Cubase iC Pro 1.0.4 available now!


Cubase iC Pro 1.0.4 is now available at the iTunes App Store:

This update is to support users having problems to establish a connection between Cubase iC Pro and a supported Steinberg DAW.

New Feature
The connections page now allows to enter the IP address of your computer.

Problems solved
CICP-849 Solves a problem where the project overview remained greyed out.
CICP-404 A long press on an HTML element in the help menu no longer opens a native pop up on the screen.

This is excellent news !

All of us with multiple subnets on our networks are finally going to be able to use the app.

Thanks !


Any special sale or discounts? I and many like me would jump and buy immediately.


still can’t connect. tried everything! windows 7 64 and cubase 7 64 here. But cubase iC free is working fine. Please solve it faster… :frowning:

This works for me.
When I enter the IP address of my computer IC Pro connects OK.
I.e. it does work now (finally).

However, there should be a “reconnect feature”. I have to manually choose IP every time the table goes to sleep etc (the IP is remembered but I have to choose it again and connect manually).

Somewhat similar thing I didn’t like with the free version Cubase IC. When I don’t need IC I want to put iPad in sleep so the battery is saved. But when I wake iPad, it looses the connection and I have to restart the Cubase. I tried to reset in ski setting within Cubase. But no use.

I thought in pro version it should be different and work as I thought it to be. But you seem to have same issue. Am I right?

Yes, I have “the same” problem (but as I can choose to manually connect and IC Pro does remeber the IP I do not have to restart Cubase).
I really hope they fix an “auto-reconenct” feature