Cubase iC Pro 1.1 available now!


Cubase iC Pro 1.1 is available now!
Here are the details of the update. We hope you like it!

New Features
CICP-771 Full screen key commands page
CICP-790 Import/Export of key command presets
CICP-783 Stereo combined panner mode support
CICP-831 Panner display in the mixer has been redesigned
CICP-786 Dynamic font color support for track names in the mixer.

Fixed issues
CICP-727 Adding a cycle marker at similar position of the locators no longer creates a normal marker.
CICP-827 Cancelling preset overwrite dialog now works as expected.
CICP-872 Cancel a button operation via moving the finger outside the button area now works as expected.
CICP-787 Fixes an issue where the joints on transport bar are not in sync with the status of the transport button.
CICP-850 Appearance of pressed keys states has been improved.
CICP-821 Appearance of L and R button on transport panel has been improved.
CICP-820 Redesign of alert and dialog boxes.

Known Issues
CICP-915 Imported key commands presets from iTunes are not available in Cubase iC Pro.
Cubase iC Pro requires to be reconnected in order to access the imported key commands presets.

CICP-916 Cubase iC Pro’s documents list in iTunes file sharing section remains empty, no “Presets” folder has been created.
Establish a connection between your iOS device and iTunes first and launch Cubase iC Pro afterwards to have the “Presets” folder created in the Cubase iC Pro documents list of iTunes.

CICP-649 Some key commands factory presets (e.g. “Arranger” Factory Preset) are not displayed when connecting Cubase iC Pro with Cubase LE/AI/Elements.
No solution, the availability of key commands depend on the host version.

CICP-926 Switching to another app via 4-finger-gesture while having the panner overlay opened renders Cubase iC Pro unreliable.
Avoid to switch between apps while having the panner overlay opened.

looks very nice, but i guess this is not for android… :cry: ?

Great App Steinberg iOS developers…
Would be cool if you could enlarge the transport controls a tad…
As in the real world, with no tactile positional feedback it is too easy to drift of the tiny buttons… But as iPad developers, I feel sure you must be aware of this?

Missing a Modus with long faders or a fullscreen Fader-Mode!

Android please :blush:

Any date for this update? It has not shown up on my iPad at least.

the update is available now! :slight_smile:

Received thanks and it looks good!

Are there any plans to also provide a full screen option for the mixer? That would be great and allow a bit more precision with the faders.

Hi Pumafred,

Yes, we have that on our feature request list. :slight_smile:

This is odd. I am reloading Win7 on my PC and I am looking for this download. Where is it?

Can anybody tell me if there are any issues with the new update of cubase ic pro
I have just updated on the iPad and I am getting a black screen does any one have any ideas
It running ok on iPhone also updated SKI remote 25/01/2014
I’m running cubase 7.5 on windows

Hi. I have an iPad2 that is running this new download just fine. To be honest, it did take a few run-throughs to get everything setup. Maybe it’s your startup sequence? Check you Win7 programs and make sure they are updated to the correct versions of SKI and the icPro app. Then start Cubase. Open the SKI box in your ‘Devices’ window in Cubase and then begin firing up the app on your iPad. Works here.

Thanks for your response mr Roos but I am afraid I made the mistake of updating to the new 1.1 version of cubase ic pro which stops me working as I only had iPad one, the new version is not compatible with the old iPad one, will not up grade again in a hurry
The good news was I did get a refund from iTunes. If you could warn other iPad users of this it, may save them a lot of trouble
Regards Grjculpin GCDCMUSIC