Cubase IC Pro - all tracks are shown as one.

Just purchased IC Pro - great start on what will soon be a critical tool in my studio, however there is one very strange display that I cannot seem to fix. It appears as if all of my tracks (in this case about 20) are showing as one with each overlayed on the other. In otherwords, that very impressive photo of IC Pro with the multiple tracks in various nice colors is shown a one track in my iPad 4 display. When recording a new part it shows as another rectangle over top of the various others.

Any ideas of how I can get that to display correctly?

Thanks, Tony

That’s odd. I suggest reloading the app on your iPad.

I guess that’s worth a try. I will log that result in a few hours.

Ok, so the reload did not change a thing, but I think that I have figured out what I am seeing in IC Pro. I use Folder tracks extensively, sometimes putting the entire project into a single folder for ease of editing. Well, what I am seeing in IC Pro is the highest level of the folder/track hierarchy. Independent of how it is shown in the Cubase 6.5 display.

If 16 tracks are within one folder, I see one row in the track view. Even when all expanded in Cubase.
If there are 16 tracks rolled into 4 folders, I see 4 rows. Even when all are expanded in Cubase.
If there are 16 tracks rolled into 4 folders and 2 more tracks outside the folders, I see 6. And 16 tracks and no folders, then there are 16 shown in IC Pro.

Is there no way to show the same folder/track expansion in IC Pro exactly how it is selected within the source Cubase?

Basically all I am getting with IC Pro is channel controls, sans expanded EQ/Inserts/etc. and a transport that does even have a stop button that can take you to the last “start” point. This is really much less than what I had expected from the $17 iPad app. This should be free.

Hi Tony,

It is expected.
Cubase iC Pro is not fully compatible with the folder tracks yet.


Perhaps then, in fairness to your customers, that should be made known within Steinberg’s very hyped up IC Pro Product page.

“Tracks displayed are not those contained within folders”. Try managing your customers expectations to some extent, right?

In my case, not needing the monitor mixes, I could have gone for the free non-Pro version and had the same useful function for $17 less. And I am guessing that if it ever does support folders I will probably get charged again.

Not good…

Hi Tony,

Your feature request will be re-prioritized and implemented in a next update.
This wil not be available as an in-app purchase and you won’t get charged for that.


Thanks Armand, that would be much appreciated.

Maybe some implementation of lanes in a future release. Perhaps as an option the display might switch show only the lanes for the track being recorded. Might be helpful for punches.

Thanks again, Tony

Hi Tony,

The overall aim of the project overview was first to display the same level of detail than the overview line inside Cubase. However, the overview line doesn’t render lanes even when they’re expanded in the track list.

We plan to move forward to a more detailed view later on which will get closer to what you can see and do inside Cubase’s sequencer view.
Though these are our wishes, this is not official for short-term updates and we can’t say more about it for now.
Be sure that this app will constantly grow anyway. :wink: