Cubase IC Pro and Yosemite

hi communitiy. Today i bought cubase ic pro and when i tried to install it it says i need at least mac osx 10.6. but my version is 10.10.
Is there a way to install cubase ic pro or did i pay for software that does not work on yosemite. Will there be an update? Already tried the installtool for yosemite that didnt work for me.
Any tips?

I have the same problem, i can´t install the Cubase ic Pro on 10.10 Yosemite.

The software installer for Yosemite didn’t work and i paid for the app (Cubase ic Pro).

Please, any solution for Yosemite’s users?

I’m confused, why would you try to install an iOS app on your computer?

there is an android version of ic pro and for using it u have to install a programm on your computer

Gotcha, thanks.

We’ve released a Yosemite-compatible ROTSKI installer quite a while ago.
Please follow this address to download the installer:

Please let me have your feedback if it works.


thank you. the installer worked for me but i didnt had the chance yet to try to connect with my android tablet.
works fine now!

Glad to hear you’re up and running, thanks for the update!

i have the same problem, but with the installer above it is not working for me.
i had the beta yosemite installed before. perhaps that was the problem?
now when i go under about my mac i see a number like this:

please help.
thank you very much

Hi Swinxx,

Please grab the Remote SKI installer from here:

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.