Cubase IC Pro & Android 5.0 Lollipop

Cubase IIC Pro does not appear to be compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop, as it crashes on launch every time on my new Nexus 9 tablet.

I would be happy to beta test a new APK.


It also occurs to me that the Nexus 9 is unlike most Android devices in that it has a 4:3 aspect ratio. Might that be the issue and require an app update to correct?

I updated my Nexus 5 phone to Lollipop, and Cubase IC Pro crashes on start on it as well. So, it is definitely a 5.0 incompatibility and not an aspect ratio problem.

Is anyone from Steinberg monitoring this thread?


sorry for your inconvenience… I will investigate on this issue.


Could be a Lollipop Wi-Fi issue;

Sturgeon - the app won’t even start. I doubt it is Wi-Fi.

Nexus 4 Lollipop , Cubase IC Pro crashes on start on it AS well.

Nexus-7 with Android-5 system no longer works!

Just upgraded to version 5 software and iCPro no longer works!!! - I need to use it today - what a PITA.

Any progress on this Ricardo?

The Lollipop Developer Preview has been available since June. It’s not as if Google just dropped the code last week, Steinberg/Yamaha!


We are investigating still… problem is, Android 5 is still very fresh and not available for many devices yet and as you can imagine there is a endless amount of them.

Sorry, for now I have no new info on this and when to expect a solution… :unamused:


See my prior comment. Dev code has been available for months. Buy a Nexus 5 second hand from eBay, flash the factory image, and start revising code. Google made it dead easy for devs to get an advance look at Lollipop.

Things are very sleepy around here - We haven’t even received an update with Bar/Beat display yet!


I forwarded the issue to the team already and once I have any news about it, I will post it immediately.


My Nexus 5 just got the Lollipop OTA update and now IC Pro crashes on startup here too.

Hi all,

Sorry for the late response about the topic.
We can reproduce the problem and evaluation of the issue has started.



So when are we going to be able to use iC Pro on our Androids again?


Just adding my voice to the choir here, Nexus 5 with Lollipop. It’s been a month now with no new information. I can understand if the problem itself takes a while to fix, but surely you at least have some more information as to the nature of the crash at this point. Is there no new information you could share with us?

Users have reported the same crash on many different devices at this point, so this surely looks like a general Lollipop issue that is not specific to any particular device type.


sorry, unfortunately I have no new information… :unamused: .