Cubase IC Pro Can't Connect Nothing Happens


I just purchased Cubase IC Pro.

I connected to my computer via wi-fi and even using its internet that it gets via ethernet.
My iPad can detect the cubase @ localhost. When I select it a spinning circle appears and the disappears. Nothing happens.

I just saw another topic about it @ and Tried everything he wrote

Problem was solved!

I changed my firewall and network sharing settings. I found that I had ‘remote apple events’ disabled, and with my firewall, I had to specifiy what program was allowed access through the security. Once I enabled ‘remote apple events’ and specified that I wanted Cubase to be remotely accessed through the firewall settings, I was allowed to communicate properly with the iPad. I looked through documentation and tutorials and nothing was mentioned about this for troubleshooting. I guess Steinberg assumes that users are supposed to know how to properly configure these things before trying to establish a connection.

Anyhow, thank you very much for your help!


Still I am having the same issue. Any help ?

Here is the video