Cubase IC Pro Connection

I’ve made sure they are on the same network, by checking ipconfig, and still I get problems on my ipad.
I’ve tried everything I can come up with in windows and in Cubase, but…

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi there,

Check this link:

Hi Norstorm,

Just as a plain note, make sure you’ve installed the latest versions of Steinberg SKI Remote and Bonjour drivers for Windows.


Done all of the above…

My Windows machine gets internet from a cable, not wifi, is that an issue?
it IS on the same network tho…

Hi Norstorm,

As mentioned in the link that Carlos previously provided, two networks (and IPs) on the same computer can’t be used simultaneously. Please disconnect the ethernet cable from the computer and then connect Cubase iC Pro using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) option of your system.

Are you btw trying to connect to your local Wifi network or directly to an ad-hoc connection between your PC and your iPad? Ad-hoc connection between Apple devices and PC computers sometimes turns out to be unreliable, we’d highly suggest you to try to connect through your local Wifi network instead.

Does your iPad manage to get on the internet through the connection?


Oh crap… That was something that should def. be mentioned hilighted when buying the product then…
I don’t have a wireless net.card on my studio computer… Only et.cable…

If your computer is connected via ethernet to a wireless router and your iOS device is also connected to the wireless router, than it should work. Just make sure that your computer and your iOS device are on the same local network.
It just doesn’t work always if you have an ethernet connection and a wifi connection on a Windows computer.
Which Steinberg SKI Remote version do you have installed ? (Devices->Device Setup->Steinberg SKI Remote)


I have Cubase IC Pro on my ipad 4, running Cubase 5 win7 Ultimate, everything is running fine IC pro detects my computer but would not connect unless i turn off my AVG antivirus firewall completely…i have some apps that all i have to do is create an exception for in avg and it works…i cant seem o find any .dll or .eve files for either ski remote or IC pro… any idea on what to do… i don’t wanna keep shutting my firewall down as i use my pc for inter net aswell


I do not know how AVG works but you can find the corresponding Ski remote component in:
Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\rotski.dll

You might have to do an exception for Cubase 5 as well:
Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5