Cubase IC Pro crash after install issue


I just purchased Cubase IC Pro on my iPad. I am trying to type in my IP Address and as soon as I type in a number, the app crashes. I have tried reinstalling a couple of times. No luck.

My iPad is a Pro 10.5 (2017). My computer is a laptop PC with Windows 10. I have Cubase Elements 10 installed.

Also, there is no more “ad hoc” option on Windows 10. Any way around this?



I am having and have had the same issue on 2 iPads. Really wish they’d update it.

What version of iOS. I see someone mentioned this on iOS 15. I am on 14.8 and it’s working ok. I definitely won’t be updating if this is a iOS 15 problem. Steinberg don’t seem to update this app or look at this forum for years now so don’t hold your breath for a fix.

What is your Bonjour version? I’m running ‘Print Services’ and iOS 14.7.1 on my 6th Gen iPad and iPhone 8, controlling C10.5 on my Win10 PC.

It works fine in the sense that is you only use all the default shortcuts. But when you try to customize the shortcuts and rename them, as soon as you type a letter on the keyboard, it crashes.

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Ah right. I only use it for recording so I’m not setting up anything new. This app really needs an update.

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@steinberg: Please fix it quickly !!
“Apple: Downgrade from iOS/iPadOS 15 to 14.8 no longer possible”.

It might be a good idea to raise a support ticket with steinberg. Luckily I have two iPads so I won’t upgrade the one I use for Cubase until there is a resolution

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I have an iPad Pro 10.5. 2017. Using iOS 15. Unfortunately I have just decided to get a refund on this one. Wish there was a trial version or I should have researched first. First time ever this happened to me. It’s ok I guess. Hopefully, they fix it in the future.

I don’t even get that far. After installing, it asks me to type my computer’s ip address. As soon as I type the very first thing, it crashes.

Well. Uninstalled and asked for a refund with Apple.

That is the frustrating thing with Steinberg. I love their Cubase and MIDI stuff. But on the help section, am lost as to how to find assistance. It’s ok. Uninstalled it already.

Not sure what my Bonjur version is but I had decided to uninstall and not pursue this product.

Want to thank everyone on this forum for their help, assistance.

I had the same issue of not being able to type in my IP address without iC Pro crashing. I made a separate post an put in a support ticket. Support asked me to post on this thread (I’ll just link to my original below).
My way around the problem was to fix why iC Pro wasn’t seeing my computer, which is why I was trying to type in my IP. My problem was 2 NAT’s on my home network (wireless modem and wireless router) both trying to assign local IP’s. I disabled the router NAT function and iC Pro saw my computer and I was able to connect. Since you don’t need to type much, if at all, once you’re in iC Pro I’ve been OK since. So maybe run your Windows network troubleshooter and see if you can find this or other problems that keep you from connecting automatically so you don’t have to type in your IP.

iC Pro Crash upon trying to type in IP address

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Wow! This sounds promising! All I need now is to get a tech guy to come over and disable the NAT on my modem then. Any negative effect to doing this like security issues? Affecting other devices normally hooking up via wifi?

No effect on security, and shouldn’t affect any connections that are already working, in fact, it may improve any issues you’re having. This is just for assigning addresses to anything that connects to your home network. Your Internet Service Provider only gives you one IP address, and your modem or router then assigns local IP addresses to anything you connect to your home network. If you look up the IP address on anything on your network you’ll see an address that looks something like 10.0.0.## or 198.162.0.## depending on the brand of your router or modem. These are addresses assigned by your router or modem, not by your ISP, and don’t work outside of your home network. If you have 2 devices trying to assign addresses it can cause problems, like the one I was having with iC Pro. It generally doesn’t affect intenet connection so you might not know it’s a problem until you try to connect between devices on your home network. The way to figure if you have it is to run IPCONFIG (on Windows) from a command prompt and if you see 2 IPv4 addresses with the above type address format (10.0.0.# or 198.162.0.#) then you have 2 and you just need to go into the settings for one of your router modems and disable NAT (Network Address Translation). Here’s my IPCONFIG after I fixed the problem showing just one local address. Initially I had two.


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Hi all, just an update. I finally got Cubase IC Pro to work.

The directions were there in IC Pro and I didn’t follow it correctly. Still, typing in the ip address causes a crash, but I finally did the whole Ski thing. It also helped there a YouTube video on how to use IC Pro on iPad. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.

So I downloaded the Ski Remote from the Steinberg site then installed it. I use Windows 10. Then went to the Studio Menu in Cubase (Windows) and clicked the “+” on the upper left of the menu. A new menu comes out of things we can add. I found the new Ski Remote that I just installed. I was then able to add the Ski remote from there. I believe I then went to the Remote Menu under Studio Menu and clicked Ski Remote. Not sure about that last process. That was it. Now, when I open Cubase IC Pro on my iPad, where it use to say “computer not found”, I can now see my computer. I click that and that’s it.

My bad. I just didn’t follow the instructions to the letter that were in front of me. Thanks to all who have helped me and shared their knowledge and experiences