Cubase IC Pro & Cubase/ Nuendo V12

Hi all! Does anybody know if the Cubase IC Pro app works on the new v12 versions?
It worked fine in Nuendo 11, but in v12 the SKI Remote just disappeared…

Thank you!

good question!
there is a topic in German, i will try to translate

They say it doesn’t work with 12. Just one person says just “yes”, but without details. There is another one that says there is no clues where sky remote is gone and another one says it doesn’t work with Nuendo 12 and that maybe an update is needed. Resume: for them apparently it doesn’t work.

let´s wait for someone from internal team to pronounce on that :slight_smile:

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iC Pro working with Cubase Pro 12.0.20 on Windows Pro 10 1909 here, and iPad on 15.4.1.
Actually if people are having trouble it’s likely to be because of the iOS version. iC Pro didn’t work on earlier version of iOS 15. So you need to be on iOS 14 or earlier or 15.4.1

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@SF_Green my app (iOS 15.4.1) still works fine with Nuendo 11 (on a mac M1), so I don’t think that’s the problem. :pray:

OK, that sounds right. Good luck with this.

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