Cubase IC Pro Does Not Connect to Cubase 7

Downloaded app followed all directions (I think) and it will not make connect. I first opened Cubase 7 Song File and then I opened Cubase IC Pro it recognizes my computer (iMac) but does not connect. I have the Steinberg Remote SKI added to the Devices (without password protection) in Cubase 7. I also disable my Bluetooth on my IPad 4.


It works fine with Cubase 7!
Maybe you have network issues?

I am having the same issue with cubase artist 6.5.4
I see my computer, but it just will not connect to it, i have tried turning off the firewall on my mac, without any luck. Bluetooth is not on,on my ipad.

Same here.
Cannot connect my ipad to Cubase 7.0.1.
Last week it was working fine with ic and ic pro.
What could this be?

Hi Lee,

Just to make sure we’ve understood you right.
You say that Cubase iC Pro is able to see your computer on the connection page but then hangs when trying to open the app. Am I right?


Today i turned on my computer and suddenly it works. Hmm :question:

Hi smiley,

It seems that there are some latencies in your network, it all depends on the current responsiveness of your network.
Make sure this latter one is not doing much more than it should when you’re using our remote apps, at least over your local Wifi network.
This can especially happen if you’re running on Windows where loading the app itself tends to be a bit slower than on Mac OS. This is likely due to the communication that lays between Windows, Bonjour and your Apple device(s) which by experience seems not to be as reliable as having an entire chain made of mac devices along the network.

If after 30 seconds nothing happens, still, then we recommend you to restart both Cubase and Cubase iC Pro and try to connect again.


Just wanted to share this. updating my router firmware(netgear wndr3700 v2) helped, now i can connect with Cubase IC Pro

Ok, good to know. Thank you for the report!