Cubase iC Pro - Does not draw sound trace in tracks

My install (and reinstall) of iC Pro has worked almost perfectly however iC Pro isnotrendering the sound trace as it does in Cubase 7 on my PC. iC Pro does show the individual tracks as I add or remove them however no soundtrack is rendered.
When I record or play back the line moves, markers can be displayed, etc but no sound trace.

Any idea what the issue is?

I have scanned the forum and the closest similar post I see is to do project folders and trackswhichidonotthink is the same issue.

I am a newbie so it could be how I amusing Cubase 7 but I have see no reference to a specific setting inCubase 7 other than installing the communication plug in.

Any help from the iOS crowd would be appreciated.



I think you may be referring to waveform rendering right?
If yes, then iC Pro does not handle neither waveform or Midi events editing.