Cubase ic pro don't shows correctly on one of my devices!

Bonjour !

Everything’s said in tittle except that it’s on my new Blackview tab 16… (android 12)
Unfortunatly it’s my main tab…
It works nice on my phone Vivo Y70
Same on my older tablet Chuwi hi9 air
i verified every concerned tab parameter…
Here is the screenshot :

do i need help or update ?

thanks to tell me…

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Hi @Floyddy,

Thanks for your message.

Since Cubase iC Pro works fine on two of your devices, the issue might be related to your Blackview device.


Thanks for your answer.
But I don’t agree with you !
This tab is new, android 12 and all other apps works perfectly !
As long as there’s no parameter in the app to tune anything from the tab, it should fit on every device or be updated.

Or you mean that i should forget to see that bought app work on this device ?
And what if i only had this one ?
I bought this app on this device for this device and it should work !

I think development team should find a solution for Blackview users. (Pleazzzzzzzzzzze)


i finally find a way to get the app working but its a real pain.
I had to set the screen on smaller than default… and make text bold and font bigger, to be able to read something…
But this solution cause problems with other apps and i can’t keep this configuration permanently…
During sessions i need to jump to other apps, for mixing, setting physical inputs, etc…
so this can only be a temporary or test solution…
I mean, the app should work with default setting of my or of any device.
This might not be such a big work for talented developers to look around the scope or responsivity of this commercial app… ?!

Thanks to study the question


Hi @Floyddy,

Please provide me with another option (e.g. Dropbox or similar) to load the screenshot without having to login. In addition, please let me know the exact name of your Android device in use.


Hi Lars,
Thanks for reconsidering my request !

This link should be better for you :

The name of the device is exactly “Blackview TAB 16”
Its the only one model of tab 16
This link leads to manufacturer product page :

have a nice day

didn’t knew the image would show directly here !
I hope it’s not against the rules…
if it’s ok, i know now how to do !

Second edit :
It looks like the device have not a standard résolution : 2000x1200 pixels
This might be the cause of the trouble…
Or not… I’m not realy a specialist…

Same problem here… Xiaomi Redmi Pad

Same problem on a samsung galaxy tab s7 fe.