Cubase iC Pro feature request - big transport!

So, iC Pro is great but the transport buttons are way to small (and doesn’t look anything like the Cubase transport.)

How about something like this:

It’s a photomoshop wreck but you get the point… :smiley:

First, I am glad to have this updated app for my tablet as it really is nice to have control right from the music stand.

As I use it primarily for punch-in recording, the transport buttons are the most used feature. So if they were a bit larger then it wouldn’t be so tedious to hit just the right button that is so small and so close to the border of the tablet.

Great handy app!


Given we have such great touch devices in the iPad and iphone the possibilities are endless. This is a good idea IMO I just wish SB would put some time into the GUI of this app… the internals are all there, we just need some scale tweaks.

Maybe sell panels as IAP to raise some $$?