Cubase iC Pro for iPad- Great but stepped fader movement


Today I purchased Cubase iC Pro for my iPad air.
Everything works well, the app seems to be amazing, however, I am very dissatisfied with the performance of the faders.
The problem I am having is that if I try to pull up a fader I can clearly hear “stepping” in the volume level. Which means the fader does not go up smoothly, but in steps instead. So you can clearly hear an increase in volume of 1-2 db’s each time.
Otherwise the app seems to be working fine with no lag or latency.

Is this the normal behaviour of the app? I would really prefer a small latency instead of a steppy volume increase. This makes automation using the app impossible to do.

Thank you in advance. This is otherwise a great app.

Bump! :slight_smile:

I have contacted support about that. Cubase iC seems to lag every few seconds here so all controls and screen animation is sluggish. If you have any workaround i would be happy to try it.

I just received an email from tech support informing me that for iC Pro support is provided through the forum .

So… bump :slight_smile: