Cubase iC Pro for live shows use


I’am using Cubase Pro 9.5.3 in a live show and would like to use Cubase iC Pro for remote controlling my live play list.
I have a project with 20 songs arranged in a linear mode with some pre recorded tracks (keyboards, background vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion), and a midi track for sending patch changes midi cc’s to my pod hd 500 to change presets and selecting fx in certain parts of the songs.
The project contains a tempo track in order to set the tempo of every song.
I use an arranger track to change the order of the songs and try different set lists.
Finally a marker track to identify each song and to be able to use the “play until next marker” key command so the project stops when the song ends and we can prepare for the next song.

I have a Cubase iC Pro page with some key commands to locate the next marker, play until next marker, stop, record, etc., and trigger every song from my iPhone/iPad from the mic stand (I’am lead guitar and lead vocalist) but the problem is that ther is no way to know exactly if the song that is going to play next is the one we are expecting.
My question is, Is there a way to see the marker names in the Cubase iCPro app instead of just the marker number?
Or a Key command to trigger a marker number? so I can have a page with commands for “play marker 1”, “play marker 2”, etc, and a list to see what number corresponds to each song?

If you use Cubase in a similar situation, could you share some tips on how you trigger backing tracks remotely when the computer is out of sight?

Thanks in advance