Cubase iC Pro iOS 11 Compatibility

Dear all,

Cubase iC Pro 1.2.2 along with SKI Remote 1.0.8 has been smoke tested and proven compatible with the latest available iOS 11 Golden Master and official release version by Apple.

Best wishes,

Why this announcement then ?

Dear elyum.

The announcement is about Cubase iC. Not about Cubase iC Pro!
The wording “family” makes it a bit unclear, but we only mean the LoopMash family not the iC family :wink:


thanks for the clarification,I thought I bought the ipad for nothing :slight_smile:

I recently updated my iPad Air 2 to ios 11.03. Now my icpro app no longer connects to my Cubase 8 on my laptop – now matter how many times I enter my IP address.

Any suggestions?

Hello I have the same problem for 2/3 days. I can not find a solution if someone has a tip I am taking