Hi, i need help. I have a TRAKTOR interface. I use it with my ipad2 and app cubase at shows.
but I need to know if this application can run files with metronome track. thank you very much


do you use IC Pro with your ipad to control CUBASE on a seperate laptop or do you mean if our app CUBASIS can import tempo tracks?

Thank you!

thank you

I need to play from my ipad, projects with cubase and metronome. for that I use a traktor interface. My question is, if from cubase app created by the company, I can get the metronome and track the project through different channels from the interface

Hi dying,

please have a look at Cubasis, our multitouch sequencer available for the iPad:

Cubasis provides unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and up to 24 physical inputs and outputs (depending on the device in use) and much more.

Regarding your request, Cubasis allows to set individual inputs and outputs per track. Furthermore it is possible to assign the metronome to an individual output.

So far Cubasis does not support tempo track nor is able to import Cubase project files.
However you can export Cubasis projects to Cubase.

Hope that helps to answer your questions.

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