Cubase ic pro not working crashes upon opening

Cubase ic pro not working it doesnt even open on my Android phone or tablet

Hi magsmccoy,

sorry for the inconvenience. I assume you are using Android 5 on your devices? Then you might want to give our public Beta version a try. The discontinued official version only supports Android 4:

You also need Google Chrome Browser to run it.

Hope that helps.


when i put the address in the chrome browser it doesnt load like it says it should in the instructions

why doesnt steinberg support this anymore it sucks. i have to go through all this for a app i paid $20 for and doesnt work

i want a refund for this app steinberg


I would need more information about you setup in order to assist you. Also have you assigned static local IP addresses to all you devices and what router are you using?


Mine has stopped working too. It was all fine up until a few weeks ago. Don’t know what happened haven’t updated anything.

The app (iPhone6+) knows my computer is there, but just refuses to connect with it.

Really inconvenient, I use it A LOT!

Please see here: