Cubase IC Pro & Nuendo 12: doesn't work (?)

Hi there.
I’ve tried anything but it looks like Cubase IC Pro doesn’t work within Nuendo 12.
I’ve used the same IP-adress as SKI Remote-device (which I added of course) but it says “no host”.
Also turned my PC (Windows) into a hotspot and connected my mobile (Samsung) with it: Cubase IC Pro seems to be starting up but than crashes.
It’s a bit of a shame that it works within Cubase and not within Nuendo; Nuendo is based on Cubase and… it much expensiver!
But maybe someone knows more about this and/or has a solution or explaination?

One thing that helped my cousin after going through most troubleshooting steps was this. (Win10)

We went into Windows Defender, and manually created an exception for Cubase12.exe (in your case Nuendo)

It worked after that. It seems that the firewall was silently blocking Cubase. The funny thing is that on his other windows machine everything worked immediately, without further action, so it took us some time until we thought to check specific permissions in windows defender.

Edit: Oh, I just noticed that you have it running in Cubase but not Nuendo… Sorry. Still it might be worth checking this.

Thanks for your reaction. I’ve tried it, created an exception for Nuendo in Windows Defender,
in Windows 11 by the way, but it still doesn’t work (for me. But maybe it works for others in Windows 10).
I even set all the shields off in my AVG-antivirus (for 10 minutes) …but that is also not the solution. Cubase IC Pro is keep saying “no host”.

Oh shucks. I hope someone else has a better idea.