Cubase iC Pro on iPhone iOS 8.3, Cubase 8 on Windows 8.1

Is anyone successfully using:

the current version of Cubase iC Pro on an iPhone running iOS 8.3
Cubase 8 on a PC running Windows 8.1 ??

If so, I’d like to hear about it. I’m contemplating buying this app, but before I do I want to be sure it will operate as intended.

Thanks for your comments…

I’m running 8.3 on both my iPhone 5s and my iPad2. Running this app without a problem…pretty much.

One glitchy thing maybe, if I have NOT armed an input with an actual channel (1-16 in my case) and then hit the ‘enable record’ button on the app, after a few repeats of touching this on the app, the ‘record’ button will lite up on the app. Of course nothing will happen here, I cannot record to a track if I have no input. (BTW, the RED record button will not lite up on the DAW screen, only in the app window.) Eh, this would typically not come up in my process but I happened to trip over it.

I suspect there might be other things that certain individuals might run into, depending on there process, but for me, the app works well. All the other control functions perform as they should and quickly, this would be the channel controls, the mixer controls, and the various DAW windows including the Transport controls.

I have an identical setup to what you have posted and cannot run the app on anything but the most basic of projects. Please see my recent post for details.