Cubase iC Pro remote question

I have a Win 7 64 bit laptop running Cubase Elements 32 bit.

I installed the 32 bit version of Steinberg’s SKI on it.

When I run iC Pro where its installed on my iPad Air 2, my PC shows up
and is recognized. However nothing works, e.g. the iC Pro app won’t control
anything on my Cubase in the laptop.

On the same wireless home network that my laptop is on I have my desktop PC hardwired to my router. My laptop is connected to the same home network
but wirelessly.

Is this causing the problem, e.g. I have TWO computers running on the same network (e.g. my PC and my laptop where Cubase is) ? Is ic Pro trying to communicate with
my desktop PC (which does NOT have Cubase on it ).

I’ve checked my IP address and I only see one when I check it on my laptop.
I’ve tried putting that IP address in manually to no avail.

Or what else can I try ?

Thanks for any insight.