Cubase IC Pro/Remote SKI crashes Cubase

I recently downloaded Cubase IC Pro to both my iPhone and my IPad mini. It worked just fine for a few hours, but now crashes Cubase every time I use it. The primary culprit seems to be SKI Remote. If I uninstall SKI Remote and start up Cubase again, as soon as I try to load SKI Remote in the add devices area, Cubase crashes. Even on the few occasions I where I can keep Cubase open while SKI Remote is loaded, Cubase IC Pro cannot link with the computer, even though it shows on the screen, and just keeps looking. I’ve even tried placing the Cubase IC bundle directly into the Components folder within Cubase Package Contents, like I used to do with Tranzport. Same results either way.

So, at this point Cubase IC Pro is unusable. Help, as a one-person studio I need the remote capability.


sorry for the inconvenience! Would you be willing to share your Cubase crash reports with us? Are you familiar on how to find them on Mac?