Cubase iC Pro running slow

Hi All

I bought iC Pro for Android and can connect up with Cubase 7.5 but it is slow/sluggish. I am using a Samsung Tab 3 (GT-P5210) with Android 4.2.2. When I open iC Pro and select the computer it takes around 1 minute to connect. Then when connected it is very sluggish opening menus and riding faders etc (Opening the Settings page takes around 5 sec). The transport buttons are better. Have around 1 sec delay.

I have read through the troubleshooting guide and followed the recommendations but cannot get it running faster. A DSL speed test to the tablet shows speed is around 3 mbits so there does not seem to be a problem with the wireless network.

Any help to get this would be appreciated.

I suppose I should have done the iC Pro trial before buying it because it is not really usable. Regret having got the Samsung, should have got an iPad because I installed Cubase iC on my iPhone and response is good.

Any chance a future update will resolve this.


Please make sure that you have the latest SKI installed.

I will pass this to the developers, nevertheless with so many Android devices out there it is hard for us to provide compatibility with all of them, therefore we offered the 30 day trial.

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Hi Guillermo

Thanks for that. I have the latest SKI. If the next update could address this issue that would be great. As far as I know this is a fairly common device.

Regards Ham